Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Win a Gift Contest!

Hey,everyone wants a gift from their wishlist, guess what. I'm having a competition!
All you need to do is the following:
- Comment on this post (Make sure your comment makes sense :)
- When you comment on this post make sure you put your moviestar username as the name you will enter.
- Then wait to see if you are the lucky person who will win a wishlist gift!
PS: If you want to suggest or ask me things, contact me at:


  1. Hey, cool website!

  2. chill website, like it

  3. Plz give me the wl!

  4. This would be so awesome if I won!

  5. hey rachel its noah or maximum ride boy and i waznt sure what to post but i guess this will work-i hope that as ur friend u wont just pick me(well i want to be picked but others do too)but if u doo AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! just like this blog and do u think u could help me make one of these too

  6. sure, all u need to do is make a bloggers account

  7. hey Blahmaster10 here! i really need the new outfit from my wishlist and melodychic is really nice so im really hoping i win! thank you melodychic, but y r u never online anymore? cause like the last time u were online was like a few months ago or something. sorry just wanted 2 know. okay peace!

  8. Hi melodychic! This Gothgirl17950! I really want to win a wl gift so plzzzz pick me!
    Luv <3

    P.S. This is my sister accouts so don't call me by the name on here plz.